"...Stopped by the clarity and authority of execution in...M. Taylor's abstraction Pause, Rewind, Play." - Juror Kevin Raines, Professor of Art, Univ. of Notre Dame, MD.

“…if you are willing to take a chance on lesser-known names, there are many strong works. Among them…Maxine Taylor’s calligraphic “Aleph” in black sumi ink…”
                                                                                                             - Excerpt from  ©Washington Post 1996

I was especially impressed by several big paintings that relate to the Abstract Expressionist movement that started 50 or 60 years ago and still has plenty of energy. Among the artists working this vein are Lou Bermingham, Pam Avery, Mark Eanes, Shirley Hazlett and Maxine Taylor.” – Charles Johnson on ART, Abstract 2000-2010 exhibit,
                                                                                                               Sacramento Temporary Contemporary, 2011


“…Verging on the calligraphic, the painting can be thought of as speaking to us.”
​                                                              – Mike Giuliano, Columbia Flier, 1997

“…this combination of muted color and lacy line is one of the more lovely motifs, intentional or not, of the exhibit, also appearing in the fluid forms of Maxine Taylor’s Subterranean.”  – Kristen Hileman, KOAN, 1997, KOAN Emerging Talent at MOCA, Washington DC

…Taylor made use of dazzling expressions to reveal a sense of phraseology through works like Out of the Depths and Guardian which effectively state their position without succumbing to something derivative…”  – Stephen Gerard, Articulate Contemporary Art Review                                                                                                                                         Marlboro Hall Gallery, September 1996