Michael Q. Howell (How-WellToons)

Looking for Opportunities

Photograph, 12" x 11", 2015

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Reflections of Home

Acrylic, mosaic mirrors and glass on canvas,

20" x 16", 2014

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Maxine Taylor

Shadow City

Watercolor on gessoed paper, 20" x 26", 2013

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Schroeder Cherry 

Silver Tray w/Slice

Mixed media wood & silver tray, 18" x 20", 2010

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MAXgallery presents

Cross This Line 

An ArtScape Gallery Network Exhibition: June 18 - July 25, 2015


Opening Reception: June 18, 6-8 pm

Closing Reception: July 25, 2-4 pm


Art Talks: June 27, 3 pm and July 10, 6 pm


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Featured Artists: 


A|Friend, Zizwe Allette, Denée Barr, Abby Bennett, Brandon Buckson, Schroeder Cherry, Michael Q. Howell (How-Well Toons), MJ Kehne, Bart O’Reilly, Ronald Rucker, Dorian “Pinky” Smith, Frank Stewart-El, and Maxine Taylor





Brandon Buckson


Acrylic paint and collage, 2014

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Denée Barr

At Water’s Edge, Lake Elkhorn

Liquid photo emulsion on Arches Paper, toned

17" x 19", 2006

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Bart O'Reilly

City of Trees

Digital Video Still, Variable, 2015

Ronald Rucker

Heavenly Bodies (Detail)

Mixed media on sheetrock, 47" x 14", 2011

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MJ Kehne


Ball point pen on paper, 12" x 9", 2014

Dorian "Pinky" Smith


Acrylic on paper, 12" x 16", 2014

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Frank Stewart-El

Breath of Life

Sanded oil pastel, 16" x 14", 2001