All collages composed from 130# cp Arches torn from artworks in my archives.  Constructions are put together with pH neutral medium and mounted on 1/4" plywood. Hardware attached for hanging

Bloom, 35"x34"

Bloom, mixed media

collage, 35"x34"

October Collage, mixed media collage, 34"x29"

Life Force, mixed media collage, 25"x25"

Plateau,   26" x 23"

Plateau, mixed media

collage,  framed, 26"x23"

Mirror Lake,  28"x31"

Mirror Lake, mixed media

collage, 28"x31"

Negative Space, 50"x50"

Negative Space, mixed media collage, 50"x50"

Heart of the City, mixed media collage, 25"x25"

Mountains of Home,  58"x60"

Mountains of Home, mixed media collage, 58"x60"